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Logo design I did for an UK company
Logo/Mascot design for MrFog
Logo/Mascot design for MrFog
Logo design I did for a Caribbean radio station.
This fun cartoon logo design was created for a client in Hawaii and features a crowd of wacky characters.

This is a mascot logo design that actually did not fly, but I like its look and feel. I gave the character a nerdy. but fun face.

The idea of Daddy Halbuck$ is Money and fun. Which is exactly what I believe -- making money should be fun:-)

Another version for the same client.

This is a more straight-forward logo design for an International Freight Forwarding company.

Logo design for an ecommerce web site.

I was contracted by an Hawaiian Tourism company to create a fun looking cartoon logo design.

Another cartoon logo design version for the same client.
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A Bird mascot, created for a web site.

I was contracted to create a funny character for a web site.

Another cartoon character design for a Travel Agency.
Another version of the above character.
Easter Bunny design for a full-size Standee.
Cartoon mascot designs for a Construction company.
Cartoon mascot design for a full-size Standee poster.
A mascot design for a web hosting company.
A Palm tree design for a full-size Standee.
A mascot design for a web site.
A mascot design for a web site.
Rudolph -- a full size design for a Standee.
A character design for

My cartoons and illustrations are available to use in YOUR web sites, newsletters, corporations, small businesses, advertising, presentations, seminars, handbooks, intranets and special projects. 

Written permission is required for any usage. Rates are based on a variety of factors and each request is evaluated on an individual basis.

If you would like a cartoon logo design, cartoon character, cartoon picture or any type of funny drawing for your Business, Corporation, Company, Club or Association, please contact me at the email below. My services are available at attractive rates.

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