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Do you want to be my agent? It's easy! Many artists have representatives that bring in new clients and projects. But why limit yourself to just one person (no matter how good or experienced)? Working on the Internet gives a lot more opportunities! That's why I have decided to give YOU money whenever you bring a paying client to me.

May be you know someone who needs a humorous illustration, cartoon, logo or an animation? May be it's for a business, for an advertising campaign, for a web site or a magazine? It does not matter -- recommend me for the job and I will pay you a 15% commission of what I get. So, if I am paid $1500 you will get $225. No bad for just recommending me, eh?

Are you interested? Drop me a line --

There are other ways to make a buck too -- if you know a web site that needs some quality content (daily cartoons or ecards), then we have a win-win situation:-) I'll give you 15% of what I am paid for each client you bring to me.

Daily cartoons -- the price for the daily cartoons depends on many factors, but  basically is between  $600 -- $3600/year for 365 color cartoons. So you'll make between $90 -- $540 from each deal I make. 

Ecards -- feel free to sign up for the affiliate program. I have two plans -- eCards Lite ($25/month) and eCards Pro ($50/month). Learn more!

Web hosting --  feel free to sign up for the affiliate program.

How does it work? It's easy!

You find a potential client. I negotiate and make a deal. The client makes the payment to me, I send the cartoons to the client and a check to you.

If you are interested, I'll give 20 cartoons + 3 Flash movies which you may use for building a cartoon section on your site. 

Thank you and I hope that we can work together.

Vlad Kolarov --


Cartoons, and comic art for publishing and advertising. Cartoons and illustrations for web sites and online services. Cartoons for printed newsletters and publications. Cartoons for online magazines and newspapers. Cartoons for CD-ROM publications. Cartoons for screensavers. Cartoons for fax forms. Cartoons for classes, seminars, conferences, and business presentations. Cartoons for calendars, daily planners and date books. Cartoons for advertising, packaging and promotional materials. Cartoons and illustrations for children's books, textbooks, humor books. Cartoons and illustrations for T-shirts, mugs, mouse pads and giftware. Cartoons and illustrations for posters and special projects. Cartoons, illustrations and written humor for greeting cards. Please write for more information. | Phil The Cat | | | | | | |

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