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Rights: I do not usually sell all rights to my work, I offer non-exclusive reproduction rights to my cartoons, which means that you purchase the right to use a cartoon, but you will not own the cartoon. I am free to continue selling the cartoon to other company newsletters or other publications. 

I am open to discuss selling all rights in certain cases, but as a rule all rights are by far more expensive than non-exclusive reproduction rights.

Usage: I am a humorous illustrator...but I do serious design too. I work for the web and for print. Tell me about your project and I'll be happy to give you a rough estimate. 

Why me: Hm...That's simple -- because I am best at what I do:-) I work fast and I can deliver your message to your clients in a way they'll never forget...No matter how tight is your deadline, you can cont on me -- just give me a shout! I am ALWAYS here to take your call!

I can give you NUMEROUS testimonials from happy clients, but I decided to show you what my colleagues have to say about me. In a way, it says more:

ball.gif (391 bytes) "If there's any one cartoonist with enough talent to put me out of business, it's Vlad Kolarov." -- Bob Staake

ball.gif (391 bytes) "That's all we need is more talented cartoonists. Kolarov, go back to Bulgaria!" -- Jim Toomey  "Sherman's Lagoon"

ball.gif (391 bytes) "I am pleased to hear that some editors are interested." -- Charles Schulz,

ball.gif (391 bytes) "Homefolks and By & Large are beautifully drawn and hit the funny bone square on. Vlad Kolarov gets around, and shares his skewed view of the world in a way that is hilarious. Well done!!!" -- Mike Baldwin,

ball.gif (391 bytes) "Most gag cartoons make me want to gag.  But Vlad Kolarov's work is thought-provoking, deceptively simple and playful--which is why he'll never be in The New Yorker." -- Ted Rall,

ball.gif (391 bytes) "Vlad Kolarov's cartoons are always witty, always offbeat, always funny. Vlad's one of my favorite cartoonists!" -- Ted Goff

ball.gif (391 bytes) "Thanks to Vlad's creative and very amusing site, I now have a personal reprieve from my own tired and listless panel."  -- Vic Lee,
"I Need Help"

ball.gif (391 bytes) "Your comics are funny and well drawn!" -- Leigh Rubin,

ball.gif (391 bytes) "Vlad's cartoons are wonderfully funny and delightful. Appropriate for any publication looking to add some personality to the pages." -- Jerry King

ball.gif (391 bytes) "Your cartoons are excellent." -- Larry Feign,
"The World of Lily Wong"

ball.gif (391 bytes) "I'd love to own one of your original strips." - Bill Janocha

ball.gif (391 bytes) "You have a wide variety of comic skills, ranging from the engaging "Homefolks" to some whimsical panel humor of "By & Large"." - Mark Mathes,
"Tribune Media Services"

ball.gif (391 bytes) "Your work is excellent!" - Jerry Forney,
Future Features Syndicate


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