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Welcome to all art directors, editors, and creative directors -- you are in our Client Lobby! 

Everything starts with an email ( ) or a phone call. Once I have an idea what you need, I take a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. Then I start staring at the paper for about 2 hours. By then my wife comes and you can imagine what happens...Scary! Just kidding:-)

After I have an idea what you need, and we agree on the terms, I begin working on the roughs which I email or fax to you for your approval. If you like what you see, I start working on the final art. Usually I draw some parts on paper, scan and color in PhotoShop. Sometimes I use other programs (like Painter, Flash, etc.) for achieving additional effects. When I finish the piece, I send it to you (email, ftp, FedEx, etc.).

It's that easy. Want to try? Just give me a shout: !



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